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Tektonix is a company dedicated to digital sustainability. Nearly everybody and nearly every organization has at some point experienced data loss. Our mission is to prevent this from happening. We consult on data storage, archives and backup solutions. Our clients come from a wide range of fields – from research institutions, universities and public archives to craftsmen and -women and private individuals who need data solutions.


We provide support and consultation concerning robust and sustainable storage, backup and archive solutions. We explain the difference between storage and archives. We do data forensics and show the best strategy for this exact case. We do research data management, retro digitization, image archive solutions, preservation planning, classical archives and much more.


We are specialists with many years of experience concerning robustness, usability and maintenance of systems for digital sustainability. We provide our expertise when it comes to implementation and customization of such systems. We offer service level agreements and emergency services in case of system failure. Your data is our concern.

Mattias Gärtner

Managing Director, Wizard-level systems specialist

Florian Willems

Managing Director, Archival evangelist


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